Southeast Select poster


This map is for climbers, by climbers. In 2002 my artwork took another leap. I had climbed about a dozen routes on El Cap and my passion became the steep nailing routes on El Capitan’s right side. I wanted to understand the wall and wrap up the unfinished business of archiving the complex progression of routes I had tried to map in 1996 on my first El Cap Poster.

Tom Frost became my mentor, and after a year of drawing every tiny feature on the right side of El Cap the process of topo verification began. Ratings had skewed significantly and many new routes had been put up. Finally, I had mapped 92 routes on El Cap’s right side. I drew features with shadows cast from both the left and the right and the wall was orthographically flattened in order to see all of the routes clearly.

The end result is this comprehensive, coffee table print not for general reference. It is a resource for those who want to follow the obscure, test-piece aid routes on El Cap’s right side. Comprehensive history including speed records for 2002 are printed on the poster’s left side