Longs Peak poster


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The Diamond is located in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park on Longs Peak’s dramatic East Face. Rising for 1,800 vertical feet, this big wall is one of the most impressive alpine walls in the country. In 1992 I was a climber living in Boulder. My friend Eric Goukas drew a topo map of the Diamond’s free routes. It was an inspiration, and we all used it on every climb.

Soon I had climbed most of the routes on the upper face and had drawn my own topo map. Climbers saw it and loved it, so I started selling simple copies. In 1994, I printed my first climbing poster. All of these sold and disappeared long ago (a collector’s item for sure). In 1996 I printed a waterproof mini topo guide of the Diamond.

Now in its third edition, this poster documents over 92 routes on the East Face of Longs Peak. Massively re-worked from the original Longs Peak poster and Diamond topo and with help from Bernard Gillett, the poster has comprehensive route history printed on the back.